'Electric Gas' is a Kitchener / Guelph based songwriting duo consisting of long time friends, Jay Carraro and Chris Dallan.

Their songs speak about relationships and observations that everyday life surrounds itself with, delivered with vocal harmonies out front of chordal guitarmonies that compliment both their acoustic and electric styles.  The 'Electric Gas' sound fuses feel good grooves with the energy of rock 'n roll reminiscent of The Grateful Dead, Neil Young and The Band. 

Music was the spark for a friendship that began over twenty five years ago in Miss Pellin's grade 1 classroom, where Jay and Chris performed live on stage for the first time together at an air-band competition, calling themselves 'The Living Dead'.

When they both coincidentally began taking guitar lessons on the same day (with the same teacher), it became obvious that a musical connection had begun.  From their high school punk band 'skov' to later bands like 'Hideaway', Carraro and Dallan continue to craft their connection together... accruing hundreds of shows between them.

So when the electrician and the gas meter reader pick up their guitars today, their energy fuels 'Electric Gas' and ignites a live performance that will turn on your love light and let it shine!

Electric Gas has been busy the last few months promoting their sophomore album "The Scars Stay" and writing and demoing some songs!